Aqua farming or an aquaponics is a type of farming that takes care of organism that lives on water such as aquatic plants, mollusks, crustaceans and specially fishes. It also involves the cultivation of salt water and fresh water populations in a controlled manner and it can be compared with commercial fishing.

However, commercial fishing is harvesting the fish in the wild but with aquaculture you can harvest a fish inside a particular container. Hence, aquaculture is all about taking care of the living organism and harvesting them, it requires some intervention in the process of production such as, protecting the living organism from predators, feeding the living organism and at the same time stocking them in your aqua culture.

So, if wish to harvest a good production in your aquaculture, then you should learn how to take good care them in your aquaculture specially its maintenance their environment for production. But is that really important to maintain your aquaculture? Thus, you have to clean your aquaculture inside along with the outside of your aquaculture, and then inspect your aquaculture and at the same time do some repair if damage occurs in your aquaculture.

Hence, as you read through this article you will know the importance of maintaining your aquaculture. And how does maintenance occur in an aqua culture but above all, the answer to the question “why do you need to maintain your aquaculture?”

The aquaponics maintenance is very important and also should always be in mind. In fact, typical maintenance should be done on a routine regularly. But why is it so important? Think of it this way, if you were to live in a dirty environment, how would you adapt to it? Or better yet can you survive from it?

When it comes to aquaponics maintenance, almost all living creature needs a clean environment to live with. So, in terms of aquaculture, they also need to be checked and at the same time properly maintained. Below you will find particular activities that generally concentrate on maintaining an aquaculture.

  1. An aquaponics to be repaired from erosion because these can drain water from your aquaponics and at the same time repair also the beaching of embankments because of the same purpose.
  2. Check the pond’s floor and repair the particular place where erosion occurred along with the aerators.
  3. After that, inspect the outlet and the inlet structure of your aquaponics structure. Then, repair if scour and erosion took place in that area in order to avoid the destruction of your aquaponics.
  4. Clean your aquaculture. Make sure that you removed woody vegetation such as shrubs and trees in the embankment of the pond. If you failed to do these, this can cause aside from the fact from its cleanliness but also the death of your marine animal in the aquaponics system.

Additionally, in terms of your aquaponics maintenance routine activities, your aquaculture’s management agitates shallow level on the bottom of the pond. That is exactly at 0.05 – 0.10 meter at the last part cycle of production. And for that the same reason the aquaculture’s floor is limed and tilled.

That is why, for every maintenance activities that you render. It is very critical to restrain the veracity of the engineering structures of the containment. Furthermore, if the disturbance is repeated over and over again to the aquaculture, this may result in the integrity lining being concession this may probably result to a sub sequential problems to your aquaculture.

Although it is important to maintain your aquaculture, it is also important to take special consideration that you do not disturb the impervious layer of your aquaculture. Moreover, in significant to the works of maintenance or the alteration of the farm layout that usually undertaken, it is strongly suggested that this should be done by a professional. For instance, the design of your aquaculture and at the same time the supervision of your aquaculture, all of these should be done by a certified, suitable and can undertake towards the guideline’s accordance.

Out there, there are many professionals and experts that hold lots of experiences when it comes to this matter. You just have to pick the right one to do the job for you. But be sure that you pick the one who care not only his profession but also to the living creatures that is living on your aquaculture.