Making Success of Aquaponics Gardening

AquaGrow50 90 degrees is 50 growing Station

When people think about the idea of gardening or growing any type of plants in the backyards, what they understand is a plot of soil dedicated to growing vegetables and other plants. Those with this idea are, unfortunately, in large number. The fact is, a lot of people are unaware of aquaponics gardening which is a good alternative to conventional soil based growing. With conventional garden, all that are needed for the plants to grow are the soil, the sun, and your continuous tending of the soil to rid it of weeds. This you do by watering and applying fertilizer to the plant if needed.

AquaGrow 90 DegreesHowever, with aquaponics gardening system, three main components are integrated to help with the growth of plants in the garden. These 3 components are:

These 3 works hand in hand to make a success of the aquaponics garden. As the fishes release waste into the water, it is pumped into the plant growing bed. This provides feeds to the plants. That is not all. The water is recycled back into the tank, but it is first filtered before being released into the fish holding tank. This sounds fairly simple, not so?  The aquaponics gardening system is simple to run and very good for backyard gardening. Some people practice it in a complex way for commercial purpose and it is simple to manage.

If you want to make success of aquaponics gardening, there are things you should bear in mind from the beginning, especially if you are thinking of commercial gardening. The need for organic fresh vegetables and other plant is great and you can take advantage of this with a well-layout plan.

Planning aquaponics gardening

Location: Deciding on appropriate location for your aquaponic gardening is very important, it is key to success. When selecting location, you must bear in mind the importance of sun – real or artificial sunlight. Your aquaponics system needs to be fully exposed to sunlight. Also, if outdoor gardening you decided upon, you must consider the temperatures of your climate. Anything over 70 degree will be destructive to the fish and plants in your system. Some people have used greenhouse for outdoor system and this may be good if the temperature is high.

Water Supply and Oxygen: This is very crucial. You must ensure that the water supply has plenty of oxygen to support the proper growth and health of the aquaculture and the plants.  It should not be hard to provide needed oxygen into the tank. You can use an air pump. If the oxygen is at over 100% level, that is good.

Use Gravel or Rock: To achieve maximum result, use gravel or rock for proper growing instead of soil or clay based rocks that are not properly cleaned. Using anything different from gravel can clog the tubing system, causing ammonia to grow. However, caution is needed when selecting rocks to use because certain rocks contain chemicals that are not safe for aquaponics. Therefore, do proper research beforehand.

In addition to the above, it is important to keep improving your knowledge of aquaponics gardening by reading books about it or doing research online. In the end, you will reap bounteous benefits from it.

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