Californias Worst Drought – A famous states in the United States of America that is suffering a severe drought in the entire history of drought. It is the “Golden State” of U.S.A. which is California. Many researchers said that the condition of the state will become worst as decades goes by.

The devastation that currently occurring in California is cause by Climate Change in the planet, many also said that this is the worst of drought that happens in the USA. As a result of these, many of the people are afraid to inhabit now the state and some of them preferred California as a hells cape.

Furthermore, the effect of the severe drought does not end there, the state’s agricultural economy and productions is greatly affected. Because of running out of water in the state, the production and supply of the state will likely to decrease and possibly go to nothing. However the problem in the California’s water supply is not their only problem.

Their current problem is also the problem of everyone that is living in the U.S.A, trillions of water should supply to California in order for the agricultural economies to get back on their feet. And in addition to that some product supply in California will be less and less if the problem is not address properly.

Many engineers have tried to help California’s farmers in rising but unfortunately the drought is too severe and no water can be found in the farmer’s particular area. How does will affect the national production supply? Many farm lands in California are greatly affected by the drought. Therefore, there will be an increase in the supply and demand by the nation.

Some people are even beginning to wonder where the food that they want to it will come from. Hence, they also ask if, it is going to be inside the U.S or the product will come from another country.

Since, some crops are grown in the state of California. Such as wines that is truly unique in California and even the maligned almond that specially grows in California. And don’t you forget that the state of California produces a number of astonishing carrots, celery, lettuce and tomatoes. At the same time, California is also known for its citrus and some nuts that are perfectly suits in the Mediterranean climate.

Hence the true primary source of California when it comes to food production are, 89 % of almonds, 69 %  of root vegetables, turnips and carrots, 68 % of lettuce, 76 % of fresh strawberries and 84 % of broccoli and cauliflower. So, people that usually get these in California should expect an increase in price.

Just between 2014 of February a year after that, the price of rose’s increase 3.5 % for fruits that is fresh and 8.4 % for vegetables that is fresh. And even the price of lettuce has increased up to 40 % in the same phase of the fruits and vegetables.

All these effect of drought should be expected to get worse, if the national government fails to find solution in this kind of matter. It is not just the production that should be put into concentration to be solved but at the same time, the people that rely on the agricultural production.