Elegant Edible Landscaping Organic Gardening

In order to understand edible landscaping, we must know what it is.

What is Edible Landscaping?

Edible landscaping is basically a practical combination of food plants in a decorative setting or an ornamental. Inedible landscaping, the same principals such as that for ornamental landscapes are used but we use more edible plants such as lettuces, vegetables, fruit trees etc. by adding edibles to your gardening, you can increase the look of your garden and it is also a healthier choice to make. Apart from this, you can also get economic and aesthetic benefits. People who have a home with small of large yards can take a lot of advantage from this landscape. Edible landscaping has its own charm and would want people I am attracted towards it due to its alluring light and health benefits. You can make a lot of use of this landscape if you decide I use it properly. The main aim of this landscape is too great food quality food along with a great look of your garden. The edible landscape does being out beautiful textures, colors, and forums as compared to a typical ornamental landscape. So you can say that overall, an edible landscape can be very advantageous to use.

Eating a plant based diet is good for you and the planetWhy should you choose elegant edible landscaping? Elegant edible landscaping is something that everyone should have in their homes of farms. Don’t you just want to sit back in your beautiful lawn on a windy day and enjoy the smell of different vegetables? Edible landscaping can give you that kind if feeling. Edible landscaping can take to a road from where you would not want to come back from because if it’s beauty and freshness in the air. If gives you a feeling where you just want to get close to the field and taste the fresh vegetables and fruits that you so willingly produced. This is the feeling where you look at your lawn and appreciate its beauty and enjoy gardening. Following are the reasons why a person should prefer edible landscaping: – beauty: As mentioned earlier, beauty is the one thing that a Gardner looks for. If your garden looks elegant, you know you’ve made it halfway through producing healthier vegetables. With edible landscaping? You can use different colors, textures, and techniques to make your garden look as stunning as Shula. You can experience tall you want with different beauty techniques and see which one of then work ours for you. – Vegetables: The more vegetables you produce, the verse. According to different seasons, you can produce different vegetables such as ornamental kale that gives away a specific display of fall and spring colors. You can also plant this kale among lettuce to give it a beauty Uruk contrast in color and form. Six basically, you can grow as many vegetables as you like to increase the beauty f your garden and also, these vegetables are super healthy! – Perennial Edibles: Many perennial edibles have the same colors as ornamentals. For instance, the fall colors if orientalise chestnut, Asian pear and cherry are same to that if any ornamental tree. In season, if you ever have a chance to witness, you’ll see the beautiful glossy green leaves hanging in trees, it is indeed ab alluring sight. Like this, there are many other examples that would help you understand the beauty of ab Edu me landscape. – Taste: When toy grow your own wheat led, the taste is different than that when you but something from the market. By growing your own vegetables, you will know that they are fresh and you can get the anytime you want so you’re not just getting a healthier taste but you’re also saving more of money if you have your own garden with all vegetables that you need to make food. For instance, Anoka is a type of Apple that is not very familiar but has  a great taste and you can easily grow that in your garden. -Health: There is nothing more important than a person health. Fresh vegetables from your garden are a great way to start eating healthier. In the market, vegetables go through the prices of cleaning and different gasses to keep then fresh and that s why their health rate decrease. But when you’re picking out your own vegetables, they are fresh and you will develop healthier eating habits. How to make an elegant edible landscape?


There are certain things you need to keep in mind when you’re going to make an edible landscape. These things are as following; – in demand edibles: If you’re the kind if person who owns a house and has residents staying over, you would probably do everything in your hands to keep them satisfies which is why I’d you want your edible landscape to become popular among your residents, you should skates include things that get would love to eat. Such as different fruits, beans Or whatever roots they would like, you grow them! -water: The one consistent thing that plants need to survive is water. Water is the only thing that Wouk keep your garden fresh and new. If you want the beauty of your garden to renIn constant and you want to keep eating healthy, you should probably water your plants a much as possible. -layers: Another way to enhance the beauty of your garden us through layers. Exquisite designs start with three layers, a tree later, a perennial later and growing beds (fruits, vegetables, and flowers). If you have the three layers, your garden would look elegant and beautiful. -adventure paths: The one thing that attracts everyone is strolling in a beautiful garden filled with the aroma of flowers and beauty that is pleasing to the eye. Adventure paths in the middle of your garden would look absolutely stubby f ab would increase the beauty of your garden. -flow: When you’re gardening you need to be sure that everything you do, goes with the flow. You should harvest your soil on time, water your plants in time, take care of your entire garden Like it’s your own child. That is the only way you would e able to maintain a beautiful garden that would attract a lot of customers Why you should choose edible landscaping over others? Edible landscaping is a complete package. It has the beauty and the heart. With the landscape, your garden would have a beautiful look with fresh and eatable vegetables that would keep you healthier. Edible gardens would never fail to disappoint you in any way if you manage properly. All that a garden needs is to be taken care of and once you do, you would have the most beautiful garden in the whole world and you would be very proud of what you have creates. To have ab elegant landscape, you would just have to make things go with a specific flow and run things according to the needs of your garden. Once you do that, you would have ab amazing garden! Edible landscaping can be something to look forward to and something that I would personally prefer because of its amazing features and outclass beauty. After reading all the details you can make a better choice but this would be a good one to chose.




Organic Gardening with Aquaponics

Which Organic Garden Vegetables To Grow In Florida

Vegetable gardening offers fresh air, sunshine, exercise, enjoyment, mental therapy, nutritious fresh vegetables, and economic savings, as well as many other benefits. Vegetables can be grown year-round in Florida if attention is paid to the appropriate planting dates. Below is the organic garden vegetables to grow in Florida:

Cover Crops/Green Manure

Green manure is fresh plant material turned into the soil. Planting and plowing in green-manure crops during the off-season is beneficial. The following cover crops are recommended: cowpea, velvet bean, soybean, and sunflower in summer and cereal rye, crimson clover, and Austrian winter pea in winter.

Organic Matter

Most Florida soils benefit from the addition of organic matter, such as animal manure, rotted leaves, compost, commercial soil mixes, and cover crops. Thoroughly mix liberal amounts of (un-composted) organics in the soil well in advance of planting, preferably at least a month before seeding. If you do not plan to use inorganic fertilizer, spread 25 – 100 pounds of compost or composted animal manure per 100 square feet. Composted organics may be applied at planting time. However, aged or raw manures should be worked into the soil 90-120 days before havesting. Due to inconsistent levels of nutrients in compost, accompanying applications of inorganic or organic fertilizer may be beneficial.


Create your own “garden gold” by converting yard wastes to compost. Composting is easy to do and yields a manure-like, organic fertilizer/soil conditioner, which highly benefits Florida’s infertile native soils. Compost Tips for the Home Gardener:

  1. Buy a compost unit or build one from recycled wood pallets, concrete block, sturdy wire, etc. The minimum size should be 3’x3’x3′.
  2. Make successive, 12-inch-thick layers of plant waste — such as leaves, lawn clippings, shredded branches, and wood chips. Kitchen scraps may also be used.
  3. Animal (not pet) manure, finished compost, blood meal, or fertilizer can be added to each layer if desired.
  4. Moisten each layer and keep the pile moist.
  5. Turn the pile frequently to add oxygen and help the decomposition process.
  6. Depending on how intensively it is managed, compost should be ready for use in two to twelve months, when plant parts are decomposed.
  7. Cover the pile to keep rain from leaching nutrients from it.
Eating a plant based diet is good for you and the planet

Eating a plant based diet is not only good for you, but it’s also good for the planet. No one can argue that it’s good for animals too. Obviously, since no one has to kill an animal to eat plants, that’s clear. Let’s delve into each of these claims to find out more.

Your Health

A very cursory look at the literature shows that eating a plant based diet void of animal products and proceed food will not only keep you healthy, but if you are sick, a plant based diet can reverse illness caused by food such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even slow down the progression of some cancers. While eating vegan will not rid you of any and all chances of getting a disease, it can cut down on the risks of triggering or making worse a condition that you already have.

The key is to eat a whole food plant based diet that is void of added processed foods including fats like olive oil. For example, eat the whole olive instead of the oil to reap the benefits of the whole food idea. The evidence is overwhelming that a plant based diet is helping people with all kinds of health issues from depression to Osteoporosis.

If you suffer from constipation, eating a diet rich in high fiber plants will eventually eliminate the need for laxatives and other drugs. Plants are rich in water, fiber and all the macronutrients that you could possibly need and once you switch over within just a month of sticking to the whole food plant based diet, you’ll notice a difference.

The Planet’s Health

Surely you’ve seen the memes going around that Almonds use 10 percent of California’s water supply. But did you know that the cattle industry uses 40 percent? Not only that, California makes more money from plants than from the cattle industry too. If one person stops eating animal products it’s as if they purchased an electric car or stopped driving in terms of the carbon footprint they leave on the world.


Not only that, whether you are morally okay with animals being exploited for food or not, the truth is our lands cannot sustain us on a meat based diet for much longer. The population is expected to grow by over 3 billion in the next 40 years which will cause meat consumption to double or triple and the land mass needed to grow animal products to feed that number of people simply is nonexistent.

For example an average family can live off about 1 acre of land or less if they use raised bed gardening practices when eating plant based. Whereas, if that same family eats meat their land use needs will grow to more than 20 acres. It’s simply unsustainable for the long term.

For The Animals

The last reason of course is really one of the first reasons many people decide to live a plant based lifestyle. The health and environmental benefits are just icing on the cake. Even when a farmer tries to raise animals in a cruelty free environment the fact of the matter is, ultimately the animal has to die to provide food. In some cultures this is necessary due to the lack of ability to farm, but in most cultures it’s simply not necessary. If you can get enough food and nutrition without killing or using an animal, why not do it?

These three reasons are compelling and strong reasons to start a plant based diet. Do you want to know more about starting a plant based diet now?

Step to improve your environment with Aquaponics system


The modern technique of raising aquatic animals like fish, prawn, snails or other in a tank side by side with the cultivation of plants is known as Aquaponics. The trend of adopting Aquaponics as a hobby in people is increasing day by day. People are showing interest in learning backyard Aquaponics system because of increasing awareness. If you have a backyard facility then you can utilize it by growing fresh vegetables or fruit so that you can feed your entire family easily.

Aquaponics system will feed fresh organic vegetables & other species throughout the year. No need to bother yourself with the up and down prices of vegetables or marine species. You can enjoy your favorite meals throughout the year by doing a just little setup.

Do It Yourself in order to set backyard Aquaponics system:

If you are fed by searching relevant information in order to design backyard Aquaponics system then believe me this article is going to change your life. Aquaponics is a vast field; we are sharing some effective and workable ideas in order to help people like you. In backyard Aquaponics system, you need to summarize following things for an efficient result.

1. Usage of single pump: For home based backyard system you can easily find many pumping design that has inefficient energy used. Initially, you should accommodate one pump in order to make it energy efficient. Remember one thing, always locate your pump outlet higher from hydroponics bed to fish tank because the water will move via gravity flow and that save your energy.

2. Use Gravel bed in a hydroponic system: In order to achieve target result in a hydroponic system then use gravel bed in it. The usage of the gravel bed is not practical on a commercial scale but for backyard system this option is best. With the usage of gravel bed you can have following advantages:

        a. It helps to support your plant far better than any other bed
        b. It also helps in the productivity of plants
        c. It improves the yielding process of plants
        d. It improves the water buffering process
        e. It acts as a dual filter (bio-filter & solid filter)
        f. Cost effective

3. Constant temperature of the water: Beginner’s does not concentrate for maintaining constant water temperature. We want to conclude that maintaining constant water temperature in backyard Aquaponics system helps to improve the plant yielding. Experts suggest maintaining the temperature ranges from 12 degree Celsius to 19 degree Celsius.

Technically it has proved the organism hidden in gravel bed (bio-filter) requires constant temperature in order to convert toxic element into non-toxic elements. The conversion phase of ammonia to nitrate is beneficial of both systems. If you fail in providing required temperature to the system then the bacteria could sleep and the conversion process will stop that affects your species.

You can maintain the temperature of water by inserting external sources like water heaters. You can also place your system where sun exposure is available. Keep one thing in mind that. The process of heating is much cheaper than to make it cool.

4. Test you water: After maintaining the temperature of after you need to focus on the quality of water. From various experiments, it has been proved that.

  • For aquatic life, the pH of the water should lies in the range of 6.5 to 8.0.
  • For plants, this pH value should lies in the range of 4.5 to 7.0
  • For bacteria, the optimum value of pH should be 6.0 to 8.0.

We suggest you to maintain an average pH value of 6.7 to 6.9 which suits for each medium. Must you be thinking about the testing process? Right!

Don’t worry because technology rules our world, there are lots of pH measuring devices available at aquarium stores which cost around 20$ only. Remember one thing, if pH drops below 6.0 then it will affect your microorganism that lessens the rate of the filtration process.

5. Best species in Aquaponics: You can use different fishes for the success of your system but best one’s are:

  • a. Barramundi
  • b. Catfish
  • c. Carp
  • d. Tilapia
  • e. Trout & others

You can use these fishes as a meal. So it’s better to grow these kinds of fishes first.

Outsource your backyard Aquaponics system:

If you have a lack of knowledge in setting backyard Aquaponics system then don’t worry at all because several companies available in the market offering their valuable services.

The name of “Organic garden harvest” is offering their expertise for those who want to set backyard Aquaponics system but unable to do so. This company is located in Miami, FL. They are elite providers of Aquaponics product & its installation. Several companies are available in the market but opt a perfect company like “Organic Garden Harvest” is on your choice. This is the company on which you can trust.

We have experienced and highly trained staff that offers premium quality design & installation of aquaculture. This company guarantees to give optimum quality result with all kind of support to your backyard garden. As far as concerned of its pricing, Organic Garden Harvest offers market competitive price so that everyone could easily approach them and get 100% premium service.

This company values their client demands and desire. They always make their design as per client expectation with a professional touch. Believe me, if you really want to do some magic in your backyard Aquaponics system them you should consult with this company once.


Hence, this system is becoming popular throughout the whole world. Aquaponics is an environment-friendly system and it could be prepared anywhere even in your dwelling. This system helps in reducing the wastage of water & energy. Aquaponics gives premium quality fresh food within your range throughout the year. If you really want to experience the Aquaponics culture in your dwelling then do it yourself today or you can hire some premium quality service provider.

Once you experience this culture believe me you will never ever gonna leave it.

Aquaponics is a system that combines raising fish and other small aquatic animals and combining that with growing wonderful organic food. With one of our Organic Garden Harvest Aquaponics units, you will be one step closer to being fully self sustaining and being friendly to the environment!

With our aquaponic designs, you can have a beautiful outdoor tank that holds all of your fish, from Tilapia to Koi, and have the water filter through our wonderfully designed bio-dynamic mini-farm. Your food will grow with the added nutrients supplied by the aquaponic tank and then the newly filtered water will re-enter the tank environment.

We are striving to help the world become ecologically effective and only by all of us working together will we be able to achieve this goal. Start your journey today with one of our Aquaponics Tanks!

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