The Benefits of Organic Backyard Aquaponics System

The Benefits of Organic Backyard Aquaponics System

Whether you are concerned with helping the environment or just living within your means and becoming less dependent on consumer goods, growing your own vegetables in your backyard sounds like a dream, and it is one that you can easily make into a reality.  Food doesn’t get much more local than your own back yard.  Growing an organic backyard garden is a lot less work than it might seem if you install a backyard aquaponics system.

Aquaponics Systems Are Great for the Environment

An aquaponics system is, for all practical purposes, a complete ecosystem, and it can sustain itself with very little maintenance.  The ecological balance maintains itself; all you have to do is feed the fish.  If you feed them worms that feed on the compost from your vegetables, then you really have a complete cycle of producers, consumers, and decomposers.

You might think that an organic backyard garden that runs entirely on water would consume a lot of water, but, actually, the opposite is true.  Your backyard aquaponics system will help you conserve water.  This is because the same water that serves to nourish your plants is also the living quarters of your fish or shellfish.  Because the water maintains its ecological balance, you never have to change it.  There is no wastewater, just water that continues to sustain plant and animal life.  If you used conventional methods, you would be using water to water your vegetable garden and more water for your aquarium, which you would have to discard and replace periodically.  Aquaponics systems are so water efficient that they are ideal for dry climates where it is difficult to grow vegetables by conventional means.

Aquaponics Systems Are Great for Your Wallet and Your Health

It can cost less than 2,000 dollars to get a backyard aquaponics system, and then you can reap the rewards for years to come.  Your backyard garden will make your backyard look beautiful, give you wholesome, great tasting food, and help you protect our planet for generations to come.  Our smallest aquaponic organic backyard growing system can sustain 24 plants, and the larger ones can grow even more plants.  Considering that maintaining your aquaponic garden only costs the price of fish food, you are paying only a few thousand dollars for a virtually endless amount of food for years to come.  People often think of organic and locally grown food as being expensive, but food doesn’t get any better or any less expensive than vegetables from your own garden.

Pescetarians, Rejoice!

While tilapia is our first choice and goldfish and koi, our second choice, for your reservoir, you can actually fill it with other kinds of freshwater fish or even aquatic plants or shellfish.  If you like to eat fish and shellfish but are worried about the health risks and environmental consequences of eating seafood from commercial fisheries, you can raise your own seafood right in your own back yard.  When you raise your own seafood, you can see every detail of the environment where your fish live.  You never have to worry about the water and the aquatic creatures that live in it being contaminated with chemicals or metals.  Organic seafood can be very costly when you buy it at specialty health food stores, but the costs are negligible when you raise the fish in your own garden, and better yet, the fish is even fresher than when you buy it in the store.  If you want to eat local food, you no longer have to worry about food miles.  Your food only travels the distance from your garden to your kitchen.

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